ChatGenie and
Globe Business are now empowering MSMEs one click at a time!

Your next sale is just a few taps away inside the world’s biggest apps with ChatGenie and Globe Business.

"Conversational commerce has been a great boon for our business.

The MSME Landscape in Numbers

MSMEs make up 99% of the country’s businesses and employ 63% of the country’s total work force. With that in mind, we created ChatGenie to empower all business owners to take charge of their online presence and seamlessly sell inside the world's biggest apps.

MJ Panganiban

Digital Channel Operations Head, Globe

Aligned Visions

Globe Business seeks to go beyond the surface by helping MSMEs with innovations that accelerate business growth, expertise that guides businesses forward, and… care that supports their journeys, so they can achieve more business breakthroughs.

Here at ChatGenie, our goal is to help grow 1 million businesses and create 10 million jobs for the modern digital economy. We’re working together to make that happen.

Globe Business has already empowered a handful of businesses with ChatGenie!

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Maximizing our Facebook audience by directly converting them to paying customers

MIni-App Conversion Rate: 5%
vs Online: 0.87%

Over 30,000+ additional leads generated outside BAU channels

61% of conversions are driven by organic, non-paid sessions

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