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ChatGenie helps you sell inside Messenger, Instagram, Viber, and GLife by allowing a seamless ordering experience.
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ChatGenie Solutions

In-Store Commerce

Upgrade the retail shopping experience and allow users to shop with a simple scan of a QR code. In-Store Commerce enables your customers to make contactless purchases with Scan-to-Order, avail of special discounts and vouchers with Scan-to-Redeem, and get access to limited collections with Scan-to-Get-Exclusives.

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eCommerce Bundle

Sell your retail products online with the B2C Bundle. Got a Shopify website? Easily sync and transport all your product information with our Shopify Bundle

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Multi-Store and Multi-Brand Bundle

These business solution bundles were created to help businesses with multiple branches and brands sell inside the world’s biggest apps with just one main dashboard. Different users can manage their respective brands and store from their own dashboard that is centralized within the same account.

Ideal for: Malls, food chains, retail groups

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Inquiry Bundle

The Inquiry Bundle allows businesses with a wider array of products and services outside the typical eCommerce industries gather information and generate leads from interested customers from within their messenger threads, consolidating and streamlining the process.

Ideal for: Real estate, heavy equipment, service-based businesses

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Digital Products

This feature makes it easy to offer non-physical products such as gift certificates and vouchers more with a simple click of a button. The shopping experience remains the same. Opting to sell Digital Products within your online store simply makes it easier to facilitate a purchase within minutes.

Ideal for: Gift certificates, vouchers for any business

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Insurance Bundle

The Insurance Bundle was created specifically to allow your customers to purchase a plan directly inside your online store. Convert your social media pages into an automated online store and let your customers purchase a plan in an instant. Since this bundle was created just for Insurance companies, every pertinent detail to a customer’s chosen plan will be required upon checkout.

Ideal for: Insurance-based businesses of all forms

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Service Booking

Service-based businesses can now create their own ChatGenie Mini App online store to arrange appointments and manage transactions from within their own messaging threads. Instead of simply taking manual bookings, service booking can be automated and finalized in the online store.

Ideal for: Salons, massage parlors, other service-based businesses

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