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Viber is more than just a calling and messaging app. It can double as an eCommerce channel for your business! Reach out to tens of millions of users on the social media app now! The only thing separating you from your ChatGenie-powered is a three-step process and a subscription to either our Starter or Premium plans.

Here’s a preview of what your Viber store will look like:

The Menu option allows shoppers to see your catalog. It comes with a search bar and a filter option to view items based on price.

The Cart option shows items ready for checkout and includes an order summary.

Orders that are still pending and those that have been confirmed, completed, or cancelled can be viewed through the Order History option.

Walkthrough of the setup process:

Obtain Your Viber Business Essentials

You’ll need a Viber Bot and a Viber Bot App Key to launch your store. These are essential to manage content in the conversation screen and let you allow automated orders on your thread. Both requirements can be obtained through the Viber Admin Panel.

Log in to ChatGenie

After that, go to the ChatGenie CMS Login Page and choose the Sign in With Facebook option. Click Continue as <<Facebook Name>>. You’ll need to make configurations along the way.

Activate your Viber Store

Once logged in, go to the Overview section of the ChatGenie Dashboard and then click the Activate button for Viber. Just add in your Viber Bot’s App Key then just hit the Subscribe button.

For more details, visit our comprehensive setup guide here.

For a step-by-step guide, watch this video:

Boost your business inside Viber now! Try our Starter Plan.

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