Start Selling on Instagram

Make your Instagram store a reality with ChatGenie! Using our eCommerce solution, you can start accepting orders right inside your IG messaging thread. The store launching process is easy and requires a subscription to either our Starter or Premium plans.

Instagram Store setup process:

Set up Business Accounts

A Facebook Page and an Instagram Professional Account are needed to launch a ChatGenie-powered store on IG. You’ll also need an existing Facebook Messenger store, whose settings will be carried over to the online store under your Instagram Professional Account.

Log in to ChatGenie

With the accounts ready, go to the ChatGenie CMS Login Page and choose the Sign in With Facebook option. Click Continue as <<Facebook Name>>. You’ll need to make configurations along the way.

Activate your IG Store

Once logged in, go to the Overview section of the ChatGenie Dashboard and then click the Activate button for Instagram. Finish up by composing a Welcome Message to greet your customers who visit your online IG store in your DMs.

For a step-by-step guide, watch this video:

Here’s a preview of what your IG store will look like:

The Menu option allows shoppers to see your catalog. It comes with a search bar and a filter option to view items based on price.

The Cart option shows items ready for checkout and includes an order summary.

Payment and delivery are made seamless by ChatGenie. Both options are integrated within the store so shoppers won’t be linked out.

Previous orders can be checked with the store’s Order History feature.

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